GREEN EARTH NP has identified non-governmental organizations in Nigeria with similar goals to protect the environment. Together, we are creating environmental awareness workshops within communities where oil pipeline sabotage is rampant. Our aim is to relentlessly emphasize the need for preservation of the environment. GREEN EARTH NP asks US businesses seeking to enter or grow in the Nigerian marketplace to assist us with materials for training our workshop participants in trade skills on US products and processes with the aim to not only increase mutual trade but also to provide a diversion for militants. GREEN EARTH NP has also constructed the prototype of a durable and highly efficient solar oven for production and distribution to peasant families who walk long distances in search of firewood. We seek assistance to execute this initiative which when fully implemented will aid in curbing deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels. Here at home, GREEN EARTH NP will organize inner-city youths through summer camps and after-school programs to recognize and dissuade lifestyle attitudes that are harmful to the environment. We need the earth in one piece for future generations.