Marine Environmental Protection and Cleanup Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization

Green Earth NP is working with Nigeria's Marine Environmental Protection and Clean Up Foundation (marinecleanup.org). Together with EU accredited conflict resolution organizations Search for Common Ground and Tomorrow is a New Day - Niger Delta we have developed a community conflict prevention and mediation model for execution in the Niger Delta.  Workshop spaces have been acquired at Ogu, Rivers State, and Ahiazu, Imo State Nigeria.  Green Earth NP together with Marine Environment Protection and Clean Up foundation (marinecleanup.org) shall:

  •   Provide re-entry mediation, rehabilitation, and skills training for ex-militants.
  •   Rehabilitate arable land, streams, and fairways decimated by waste crude oil.
  •   Propagate plastics and waste oil recovery.
  •   Remove trash from public spaces, and floating debris from waterways.