Are you willing to join our volunteer teams in the clean up of public spaces, farm lands and water ways decimated by oil spills or participate in waste oil and plastics recovery?

Are you an adult who could mentor or tutor small groups of students in your locality or an engineer who is available to accompany students on field trips to oil spill sites?

Are you willing to contribute time and effort towards making solar ovens for distribution to arid communities and locales dependent on fire wood or kerosene for cooking?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you are the individual we seek.


Former United States President Barack Obama, upon graduation from Harvard, shunned high paying job offers to walk the streets of Chicago, organizing people for civil change.
Any energy or time that we expend in selfless work to benefit our community, improves our collective outcomes. The work we do calls for the participation of all for the good of all. Please join us to work for a healthier environment.
Interested applicants are invited to complete and submit the volunteer form below.

Phone: (562) 676-4335 

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